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About Deviate

Welcome to our brand new guild website!

Deviate is a growing ( and especially very awsome ) guild located on the Emerald Dream.
Founded by a group of IRL friends who love to play Vanilla WoW and drink alcohol together.
All in all our officers have experience from all the way back in 2006, when Deviate was also founded on Balnazzar EU.

At this moment we've dinged level 60 and we're recruiting players to join our ranks. Our goal is to eventually raid as a guild, untill then we will just try to PuG as much as we can.

The key of our guilds succes is in the fact that we're a bunch of cool mofos. No really. We're all laid back, chill guys. It's always fun to have a chat, no elitist behaviour or whatsoever. This is unfortinatly the case with many guilds, we don't take ourselfs that seriously. Don't get us wrong, we do want to progress in PvE content. But we think this can be done with our social and sometimes weird mindset.

I hope you enjoy our site.



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